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Seven SG 100 Kilns

Solar Dry Kilns

Solar Dryers Australia (SDA) is the leading manufacturer of Solar Timber Drying Kilns in Australia and probably the world.
These kilns supersede the greenhouse type of solar kiln popular with smaller operators.
Overnight heat loss in greenhouse type kilns is a major inefficiency due to the lack of insulation.

SDA solar kilns are a unique award winning design which uses solar hot water collectors to capture the suns energy and deliver it to a fully insulated kiln chamber via a heat exchanger. The water is then recycled to the collectors for reheating and there is a gas water heater in the system to maintain temperature when solar is not available.

The solar heated air is circulated through the timber in a similar manner as a conventional kiln by fans which use mains electricity.

This system can save up to 80% of heating cost compared to a conventional gas heated kiln. The range of standard kilns include 10m3, 22m3, 50m3, 75m3& 100m3. Kilns can also be custom designed to suit clients requirements

Other Products Manufactured By Solar Dryers Australia

Gas Heated Kilns - Our simplest kilns are the gas- fired models. These kilns are fitted with an external LP gas unit, heating water in a pumped circuit with a heat exchanger inside the kiln. Indirect gas firing means no combustion gases in the chamber, no need for constant re-humidification and no possibility of fire.

Heat Treatment Units for the heat treatment of export pallets and packaging timber.
These pallet heat treaters are designed to treat timber to meet the requirements of ISPM15 the international phytosanitary export wood packaging standard. The HTU20 and HTU40 are based on Insulated 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers, any of our larger kilns above can be adapted to operate as heat treatment units.

Food Dryers -  Pecans, Macadamias, Nutmeg, Pine Cones, Seaweed, Fruits, Coffee, Herbs

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