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34 Coronation Street
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About Solar Dryers Australia
Solar Dryers Australia is a completely Australian owned and operated company with a major environmental focus. We are constantly looking to adapt our drying technologies to other industries and applications.
The company’s director is Roger Burke
The company originated as Rose Gum Timbers, a producer of hardwood furniture timber, using initially pure solar kilns for the drying process.
As the timber business grew we kept developing the kilns and eventually sold around twenty solar heated container kilns in the late nineties.
Solar Dryers Australia is now an independent company, but still conducts all its research and manufacture in conjunction with Rose Gum Timbers at their east coast drying operation in Bellingen.
The opportunity to continually experiment and develop drying systems in the environment of a working timber yard has been invaluable in our kiln design.
Working so closely with a company requiring high quality, efficient drying gives us a unique insight into the needs of other producers.
Our standard kiln sizes are 10m3, 22m3, 50m3, 75m3 and 100m3 but we also custom design kilns for specific requirements, and build kilns in multiple cells.
All of these kilns are heated by our hot water heat exchanger system which is able to utilize hot water from a variety of sources including Gas, Solar, Waste Wood Boilers etc
Our most popular form of kiln is the Solar/Gas system.
This SG range of kilns is the result of a collaboration with several solar hot water system manufacturers to develop a kiln that recirculates a small volume of water as a solar collection medium.
This involved specialized work on collector panels, flow rates and heat exchanger design so as to best capture the relatively low levels of solar radiation available in southern winter climates.
Solar Dryers Australia also supply the above size range of kilns as conventional gas heated kilns.

Company Director

Roger Burke
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