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14 Tonne Macadamia Nut Dryer/ Pre-dryer
Nut Dryers
We were approached by several local macadamia producers to develop an on-farm drying system for nuts, to address some of the downgrade encountered in present methods of storage.

With increasing nut in shell prices, producers are realizing the significant cost of losses due to poor silo practice. Simply blowing ambient air through any larger quantity of nuts will not guarantee uniform dryness, and re-wetting is a common result.

There are many parallels in quality hardwood and nut drying, both are dried at similar temperatures, and at carefully controlled rates of moisture loss.

Our expertise is in carefully monitoring ambient and kiln temperature & RH, and by managing venting and heat input, we are able to control very finely the rate of moisture loss, and keep energy use to a minimum.


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