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Heat Treatment Units

The international ISPM 15 standard requires any export packaging timber to be heated to a core temperature of 56°C and maintained at that temperature for 30 minutes.

Please see our Resources Page for more information and links regarding the ISPM15 standard.

SDA’s control system makes this procedure simple and foolproof.

Core temperature probes inserted into timber samples are monitored by the control system.
 The HTU attains the required core temperature, holds it for a pre-selected “Soak’ time and then switches off.

Operation is fully-automatic and when a treatment is complete, the unit records a detailed report for that charge before closing down. Records are stored until the operator chooses to download to a USB stick.

The stick is then downloaded to a PC for printing and archiving. This printout satisfies the stringent documentation requirements for ISPM 15.

There is no need for specialist computer training to use the system, the control system is fully standalone and features one button operation from start to finish of the cycle.

The control system electronically stores the heat treatment records in its own memory and provides easy access for retrieval and printing. The control system’s memory can hold in excess of 20 years of records.
The heat treatment unit uses high quality thermal insulation reducing heat loss and thus reduces gas usage.

Pictured are the smaller container based models. They can be operational within hours of arrival.

HTU 20

HTU 40
SDA  offers bigger HTU’s based on each of our larger kiln models.

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